Trouble Maker: Truth or Dare Generator based on Markov chain

In collaboration with Yuqing Liang
Core77 Design Award 2022 Notable

In proceedings of CHI PLAY 2023, PDF
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Trouble Maker is a game gadget that generates random prompts for Truth or Dare game using Markov Chain. Truth or Dare is a classic party game that put the player in a dilemma between tricky questions and challenging tasks. However, there's the pain point of running out of prompts while playing. It is difficult to continuously come up with tricky prompts yourself, also the prompts you can find online are limited in amount and repetitive in content.

We propose an innovative way to generate prompts using Markovify - a simple machine learning generator based on Markov Chain. Markovify predicts the next word only base on its previous word, but not the whole sentence. The fact that this ML model doesn't really understand the whole event, nor the true meaning of each sentence result in the absurdity of the prompts, and makes it more unpredictable. Through using a series of carefully selected input, including both absurd and serious content, Morkovify can generate 'infinite' troubles for the players that are beyond-human-imagination.


Markov Chain and the generating logic

Generated prompts Showcase
Mime challenge:
  • Breathe to your own rhythm and let your chest rise and fall with each inhalation and exhalation.
  • Explosively jump and switch the position of your shoulders to remain comfortable now that your spine is fully relaxed
  • Repeat with your right leg and straighten your left leg, then bring your left elbow to your left knee, straightening your right leg.
  • Get into a high plank. Feel the healing energy to bring your right elbow to your right knee.
  • All you need to think about how lucky you are.

Dark drink recipe:
(Sometimes maybe good sometimes maybe hard to taste)

  • Shake the vodka and orange juice with ice and strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.
  • Pour vodka and coffee liqueur over ice cubes in a shaker, strain into a cocktail glass.
  • Add grenadine for color and garnish with lemon or lime twist.
  • Put Kahlua and Galliano in highball glass over two ice cubes.
  • Pour Vodka, Gin and lime cordial into glass, and top with cream; serve hot.

Antihuman workout instructions:
  • Extend your right leg up, maintaining the position of your feet to bring your right foot forward.
  • Start seated on the floor, and hold them there.
  • Hold your knife in your right knee toward your chest.
  • Keeping your neck neutral, recruit your core and draw in your right hand, an inch or two above the plate.
  • Keeping your neck neutral, simultaneously extend your left arm and right leg, keeping your right leg up, maintaining the position of your body.


  • What is your favorite thing to do with your friends that you’d never do in front of your parents?
  • What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever said to a romantic partner?
  • What’s the most insane thing you’ve done in front of your partner?
  • What’s the meanest thing you’ve ever done in a bathroom?
  • When’s the last time you got turned on?


    • Let two people give you a new hairstyle.
    • DM someone from your Instagram account and pretend to be the food.
    • Call the 3rd contact on your phone and let them send one text to anyone in your contacts.
    • Let the group look through your search history for two minutes.
    • Call the library and ask if you can return a pizza.
    • Go to the bathroom, take off your underwear and put it in your mouth for seconds.
    • Spin around times and try to summon the rain.
    • Go outside and try to sell a piece of trash to someone in the group of the opposite sex and allow a picture to be taken of you.
  •     Sing a praise song about a person in the group.